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Pleaser - The Leader in Alternative & Sexy Footwear

Pleaser, based in the USA, make only the most sexy and the most deviant footwear on the planet.   Their range is a cacophony of styles from the Pin Up iconic footwear branded as Bordello Shoes to the sultry Pleaser Shoes with collections designed for those with a taste for the exotic and performers.    Pleaser footwear is constantly in the press with rebel stars and fashion insiders including Lady Gaga and Gwen Stefani, strutting in Pleaser shoes.  Check out the recent headline grabbing perfomance of Lady Gaga's tribute to David Bowie at the Grammys 2016, an inspired dedication to a music & fashion legend.  She rocked the red carpet with custom made Pleaser stacked platform heels.

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Launching MinxFootwear.com.au

Prepare to bare your sole with a trip through MinxFootwear.com.au.   For the beautiful, the wicked and the wild, this is the new home of the sexiest footwear known to woman. Our handpicked selection of the cream of Pleaser and Bordello shoes makes every night Sexier Than Ever. Welcome to the launch of the new destination website for the ultimate in sexy footwear.  

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